What if the bees brought it?

It raises our spirits from the darkness of the night.
It is the embodiment of the spirit that we hope for.
It creates phenomenal highlights on the edges of clouds,
the ocean waves, wild cats and your hair.
It gives us time where there was none.
It brings life to plants, trees and all manner of living things.
Light is the measure of love in your eyes.
It comes to us from the stars and the sun which promises
to stay for thirteen billion more years.
It plays on the ocean waves and the snowy mountain tops
in mesmerizing ways.
It makes us feel the joy that life can be
lived another day or to the end of time.

IF there are no bees… will there still be
time, plants, highlights, eyesight, love and joy?
Only if we start to live as we want it. 'Light'.

This is Gallery ' XIBIT' which will have exhibitions that change every TWO months. The artworks will be selected from the artist's available work.