CANADIAN ART, new painting in Canada, new landscape, great artists, designer art for contemporary rooms
48 X 74in

After graduating with an MA in Art and MFA in Painting, I moved to Toronto where for a year, I made the transition from being in school for 7 years to being in a place where I knew no one. It was difficult but I worked at meeting other artists and tried to get a job with a degree in art when all of the heads of art departments had graduated from OCA (now OCAD). They flinched at my degree and I felt disheartened. I was hired to teach at the Art Gallery of Ontario where I flourished teaching adults and children and enjoying the students and the place. It was during this growth period that The AGO administered the program “Artists With their Work” and I was sennt twice for a week each time to Thunder Bay and North Bay to teach groups of people painting and talk about my own work. These were great challenges but I relished in the teaching of adults so it was great fun.

This painting was something I did around that time. It derives from the boats on dry dock down on the Spadina Rd Pier.I first photographed the boats in black and white and then using materials influenced by Canadian painter Tom Hodgson who used wood and cut canvas on his paintings. This painting still evokes sail boats and canvases hanging in storage.