Painted Paper Photo: Composition 57 Graphic
12.5X16 inch

This is a series of images that were derived from playing with hand painted mulberry (Japanese) papers. I used Chinese inks and wide long haired brushes to paint sumie-like brush strokes first in black on white paper and later with watered down acrylic on white paper. The papers were soft and provide the appearance of soft texture in the photographs.

My intent was to make abstract 'Landforms' in connection with my work in Painting. The process itself was surprising, exciting and rewarding. I loved making the arrangements with the paper as it was long, about 9'X16". I could rearrange the paper over and over again photographing these arrangments each time. The results are stunning and could be shown as photographs, transparent digital projections rom behind or printed on transparent mylar. There are lots of options. The important concept is that the actual collage arrangements not long exist as they were removed after the photographs were taken making them temporal in the process.

Following this process I carried on making a few collages on paper with these painted papers. See Moon Collages in the directory.