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Deckling the Edges of Japanese Papers by Susan Collacott SUSANCOLLAOTT.COM
To print on Japanese Paper can be a challenge. After trying many types of Japanese papers like ‘Itame’(which I loved) and having to literally pull them out of the inner workings of my printer with tweezers, I chose those that are known to be the easiest to use such as Kozo and Unryu. In order to print using these papers the edges where best cut sharp so that the printer would align them properly.
Once printed to my satisfaction, I had to create the lovely deckled edges of these handmade papers. After some experimentation, this is the processed that I used.
You will need a table protected by a layer of paper or carpet pad netting because you do not want your table damaged by the saws. You will need a Japanese wood saw preferably a large one, a bread knife, a metal ruler with cork side to protect your print paper, a pale blue pencil with a good point and a layer of paper large enough to protect your print. Put your tools on the padding and the paper with print and protective paper on the bare table.

1) Measure the distance from the edges of the printed area and make a few marks in light blue where you want your borders to be. If you cannot see your printed area from the back, you will have to make the marks on the front but be sure to place the protective paper over the image. Connect the marks drawing the lines for the borders as lightly as you can.
2) Fold the edge of one side along the line using the Japanese saw placed flat on the print paper and aligned with the blue line. You can use your fingernails or a flat tool to press the paper gently against the saw blade.

3) Fold the paper down flat.
4) Run the moist sponge along the folded edge twice. Do not linger at this. A wet line 1/8th of an inch is fine.

5) Now holding the blade inside the fold, you can run a bread knife along the outside folded edge bruising the fibers slightly. Lift the saw blade off the paper while doing this so you do not bend your print.
6) Lay the blade down flat on the print paper (protect print with paper layer) aligned with the blue line.
Holding the blade firmly, pull the paper away from the blade as shown. If you use the side of the blade with the smaller teeth, you will find it easier to tear.

7) Smooth the ripples with the back of a spoon or your fingernail. Repeat with each side.

‘Voila’! You have a beautiful deckled edge.

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Deckling the Edges of Japanese Papers by Susan Collacott
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