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'Chlorociboria Aeruginascens' fungi at the Ring Kiln, on the World Bioshere Reserve at the Niagara Escarpment, Forks of the Credit River. A rare fungus that I found in a very mossy area on a side trail of the Bruce Trail in 2010. Went back a few years later and it was no where to be seen. Yesterday Oct 27,2014 I went back and pulled away the leaves from the area where I remembered seeing this and behold there was the worn piece of a tree trunk about 26x10x3inches without the fungus'. The wood was a dark bluish gray with tiny, tiny fungi beginning to form again. I left it as it lay however it had been disturbed and either vandalized by people or the fungus was eaten by an animal.

'Chlorociboria Aeruginascens', fungi, Susan, photographyWorld Bioshere Reserve,Niagara Escarpment, Forks of the Credit River.
Chlorociboria Aeruginascens at the Ring Kiln
Digital Photo
12.5x17 aprox