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This painting is the culmination of the Blue Cave Series. It represents the totality of my bleak vision for the future of the planet. If our current world leaders do not get a handle on exploitation of resourses and control over the burning of fossil fuels for energy, we will be experiencing terrible droughts, land devoid of trees, soils eroded, habitats gone. In other words, it will be a grim future. If there are humans here in another 2,000 years, they will look at our time on earth and ask 'why didn't they save this beautiful planet and all the life on it when they saw what was happening?' We are allowing the killing of the iconic animals known to us. We are allowing our forests/jungles to be cut down with out regard for our own survival or the habitats of animals. We are sucking the fish out of the sea and destroying the ocean in the process. We are responsible for the garden of living things. The planet exists under very specific conditions which we are changing.
This painting is a staged environment where the viewer can wonder amongst the ruin of an eroded planet. There are no animals in the Lair. They have all been eaten or killed for their body parts.

Murals, large paintings, environmental, futuristic, canadian painting of escarpment, nature
End of the Cenozoic Era of Diversity
2x- 66X72in