Painting Series > Deep Sea

A textural extravaganza, this painting was the first deep sea image. I was much inspired by a book by a very clever woman named Sylvia Earle who you can listen to
on TED.COM. She pioneered deep ocean diving and became Chief Scientist for
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). Her book, 'Sea Change' moved me greatly with her descriptions of what she saw in her early years and what there is now at the bottom of the ocean.
The magic was in the bio-luminescence of fish and other critters of the sea.
With that book for inspiration and the 'Canadian Geographic' topography of the
ocean floor I was set on a course to
express my own experience of ocean.

Sylvia Earle  Sea Change deep sea bio-luminescence fish ocean topography
'Deep Sea'
Oil on Canvas
48x60 inches