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If you had a front row seat on the ocean floor you would see miracles.
The Shimada Seamount, in the ocean was named after a Japanese American for whom a new research centre in California is named. I did not know about him until his neice Cynthia e-mailed me about the painting that she had seen on the internet. "one of my family members saw the painting on the website awhile ago and was surprised to find out that someone was interested enough in the Shimada seamount to make a painting. How wonderful! Again, this seamount was named after my uncle, Bell Shimada. He is considered one of NOAA's pioneers (see website:
and they (NOAA) are currently in the process of building a research fishing
vessel after him. Needless to say, we are proud of his legacy."

deep sea ocean floor Shimada Seamount NOAA Bell Shimada
Shimada Seamount
Acrylic on Canvas
48x72 inches